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French Country Cake

6,60 lv./piece – French country cake is all made from natural products. Honey cookies in a combination with crème fraîche and blueberries jam, sprinkled with plenty of finely ground walnuts. Excellent taste at excellent price.

Chocolate cake

6,90 lv./piece – the most delicious chocolate cake should be moisty, mild with intense cocoa taste and melting cream. That’s why you shouldn’t miss our chocolate temptation in a combination with our cocoa layers, crème fraiche, and our favourite Nutella.

Suitable taste for decorative cakes

Profiterole Cake

6,90 lv./piece – extremely taste and light combination of profiteroles, mild vanilla pudding, mascarpone, Philadelphia cream cheese and banana fruit.

Suitable taste for decorative cakes

Truffle with Hazel

7,90 lv./piece – combined with cake layers with milk chocolate mousse with hazelnuts.

Suitable taste for decorative cakes

Caprice Cake

6,90 lv./piece – chocolate cake layers with whipped chocolate ganache, Philadelphia and oranges.

Suitable taste for decorative cakes

Raphael Cake

7,60 lv./piece – airy, light and delicate combination of coconut cake layers, whipped cream and white chocolate.

Suitable taste for decorative cakes

Homemade Garache

6,50 lv./piece – on untraditional recipe according to our family recipe. Prepared with no flour and cake layers, with walnuts, natural chocolate, butter, eggs and sugar for more splendid taste.

Lind Cake

6,90 lv./piece – a milk chocolate with milk cream on biscuit base. Luxurious, with lots of chocolate and a great taste.

Stracciatella Cake

7,50 lv./piece – irresistible cocoa cake layers, with mascarpone filling and white chocolate with pieces of milk chocolate, generously sprinkled with crisps.

Suitable taste for decorative cakes

Lime Tart

4,90 lv./piece – a light and airy dessert with natural flavour of lime and butter biscuits. It has a surprisingly fresh taste. It is not used for filling of decorative cakes.

Fixed pieces – 10

Pumpkin Cheesecake

7,20 lv./piece-Do you like cheesecake? In this case you should not miss the opportunity to bring variety in the classic cheesecake and have MET CAKE pumpkin cheesecake instead – biscuit base, Philadelphia cream cheese, whole pieces of pumpkin and tasty honey. As all dishes and desserts prepared with pumpkin, this dessert brings the taste of winter and is associated with Christmas holidays.

Pumpkin Pie

5,80 lv./piece-Crispy and gentle, cream filling of pumpkin, walnuts, raisins and caramel –this is MET CAKE pumpkin pie. One of the most popular American desserts. Its warm spices bring the flavour that makes us feel like tasting it.

Surprise Cake

8.50 lv./piece – crispy hazelnut layer with Belgian milk chokolate, cream and nutella.

Apple Pie

4,90 lv./piece – one of the most classical recipes of all times. Incredible taste with a gentle flavours, it is a combination of butter pastry, apples, raisins, apples and cinnamon. This apple pie is as magnificent as a Viennese Waltz.

Nirvana Cake

7.60 lv./piece – fine Saher cake layers with walnuts, crème fraiche and sour cherries.

Suitable taste for decorative cakes

Raspberries Cheesecake

7,50 lv./piece – light cake of crispy biscuits, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, glazed with flavoured raspberries.

Meringue Cake

7,50 lv./piece – a splendid cake with irresistible taste, made from meringue layers, Philadelphia Cream and flavoured strawberries.

Fixed pieces – 10

Walnut Cake

6,90 lv./piece – a combination of walnut layers and Crème Brûlée. Incredibly delicious, moisty with light taste. You would really enjoy its taste.

Honey Cake

6,60 lv./piece – fine honey cake layers with crème fraiche filling.

Suitable taste for decorative cakes

Chocolate Praline Cake

7.20 lv./piece – a combination of Saher layers and chocolate ganache, mascarpone and sour cherries.

Suitable taste for decorative cakes

Carrot Cake

6,80 lv./piece – you should take the advantage of this opportunity and taste it for the first time. . Because one must taste this desert at least once in a lifetime. It’s prepared with carrots that make it very moisty. It also contains walnuts, cinnamon flavour, Philadelphia cream and that’s all covered with a cream cheese topping.

Suitable taste for decorative cakes

Strawberry Cake

7,90 lv./piece – Elegant and with exquisite taste and incredible balance between the cream and the fresh strawberries flavour. This seasonal desert is a combination of walnut layers, almonds, hazelnuts, sour cream and fresh strawberries.